A B2C SaaS company grows to $2M+ ARR

A B2C SaaS company grows to $2M+ ARR

We helped Optimize, a personal development and educational membership website, grow their revenue and subscriber base using a variety of PPC strategies.

Grew revenue with Facebook & Instagram

We developed a customer acquisition strategy for Optimize from the ground up on Facebook and Instagram. Achieving a 5:1 LTV:CAC ratio, with a payback period of 2.2 months. Resulting in $500,000 in new revenue, a +38% overall increase.

Achieved 5:1 LTV:CAC ratio

Grew revenue by 38% using FB & IG

Discovered new customer acquisition channel using mobile app install ads

Optimize has a fantastic mobile app that wasn’t being used to acquire new customers. We developed an app install campaign that offers a 14-day free trial. which converted 55% of trial users to paid customers, giving Optimize a 5x return on ad spend.

Proved and scaled new customer acquisition channel

Achieved 5X Return on ad spend on mobile app installsj

Reached new audiences with Twitter ads

Given the niche audiences on Twitter, we believed an educational app like Optimize was a great candidate for Twitter advertising. We tested the channel and achieved an initial 3.5X ROAS using app install campaigns.

Achieved a 3.5X Return on ad spend on Twitter

Discovered new audiences and acquisition channel

Conversion rate: up to +251%

We had Optimize redesign their home page with a more clear call-to-action and a free web trial offer, resulting in a huge lift in conversion rate.

Brian Johnson, Optimize Founder & CEO

“We implemented the changes that Mitch and Adam suggested along with the Free Trial offering, and our conversion rate is the highest it’s been, by far, since we started Optimize.”

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