A mindful breathing brand grows revenue by 365%

A mindful breathing brand grows revenue by 365%

Here’s how we helped a mindfulness products brand Komuso optimize ads campaigns and grow sales.

Scaled Facebook and Google Ads with
5X Return on ad spend

By developing high converting creative and new audiences, we scaled paid social ad spend 5X while maintaining a 450% ROAS. We also launched Google Ads, achieving a 500% average ROAS.

Overall Average ROAS: 450%

Launched new channels with 500% ROAS

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Designed new landing pages resulting in 160% lift in conversion rate

We’ve replaced a ‘one-size-fits-all’ contact form with dedicated landing pages to communicate the benefits of each offering more effectively.

Overall conversion rate: +50%

Conversion rate across campaigns: up to +160%

Optimized the customer journey

Most of the website traffic comes from paid ads on social media. We’ve simplified the sales flow and created personalized pages for different audiences (gender, location, etc.).

Customers spend 34% less time to buy a product

The amount of visitors leaving the funnel is down by 22%

Conversion rate: up to +160%

We completed the entire project in just 2 weeks, improved a wide array of performance metrics, and helped grow sales.

Todd Steinberg, Komuso Founder

“We experienced an immediate bump in conversion within one week of our newly installed landing pages with Mikhail and Co. They were on time (yes, it’s possible) and overdelivered. We’re excited about continuing our journey with these guys and HIGHLY recommend them!”

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Get more from your ad spend today

Get more from your ad spend today

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