The best-selling documentary in iTunes history

The best-selling documentary in iTunes history

Take a look at how we helped The Game Changers documentary sell out tickets to theaters around the globe, reach millions of people on Netflix, and become the best-selling documentary in iTunes history.

Sold out tickets to theaters around the globe with Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads

We helped The Game Changers movie sell out their global premiere by promoting the film on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.

Over 1,400 theaters sold out in 12 countires

Over 60 Million people reached on Facebook and Google

Most downloaded in iTunes history

We promoted iTunes downloads with Facebook and Instagram ads and helped The Game Changers become the most downloaded documentary in iTunes history.

Reached 1.5 Million people with iTunes promotion

Achieved an average CPM of $2.92

Reached millions with Netflix promotion

We reached over 44 Million people with our Netflix promotions on Facebook, Instagram, and Google - helping The Game Changers become one of the most popular recent documentaries on Netflix.

Reached 44 Million people with Netflix promotion

The amount of visitors leaving the funnel is down by 22%

Conversion rate: up to +251%

We had Optimize redesign their home page with a more clear call-to-action and a free web trial offer, resulting in a huge lift in conversion rate.

Brian Johnson, Optimize Founder & CEO

“We implemented the changes that Mitch and Adam suggested along with the Free Trial offering, and our conversion rate is the highest it’s been, by far, since we started Optimize.”

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