B2C SaaS

B2C SaaS company grows to $2m annual recurring revenue with Facebook and Instagram ads

We helped a personal development SaaS company grow to $2m ARR.

B2C SaaS

We developed and executed an ultra-profitable customer acquisition strategy

The lifetime value of customers we acquired was 5 times higher than the acquisition cost, with a payback period of 2 months.

Lifetime value vs customer acqustion = 5:1

38% increase in new revenue

Leveraged new acquisition channel using mobile app install ads

Optimize has a fantastic mobile app that wasn’t being used to acquire new customers. We developed an app install campaign which converted 55% of trial users to paid customers, giving Optimize a 5x return on ad spend.

Scaled new customer acquisition channel

Achieved 5x return on ad spend

Created a new customer acquisition channel using Twitter ads

We tested Twitter ads and achieved an initial 3.5X return on ad spend using app install campaigns.

Championed a new strategic direction

Implemented 3.5x ROAS campaigns

Our optimizations led to a conversion rate lift by up to 251%

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Roberto Tula

Founder, ChoCHo Superfoods

“Mitch & Adam are true professionals! They also did something exceedingly rare. They talked me out of something really expensive, and as it turned out, totally ineffective. “

Brad Landthorn

Head of marketing @ Alea labs

“After months of our own Facebook Ad testing, we decided to hire First Spark. Within 1-week, we were seeing a 10x increase in daily conversions and at half our previous spend.”